We are a full-service, cutting edge Maryland landscape design contractor, dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. We serve residential and commercial clients, both large and small. We are built on the principles of honesty, integrity, & professionalism.

Our Goal is Service That Exceeds Expectations

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Nothing causes people to stop and admire your home or business as much as an expertly designed and maintained landscape that is vibrant and healthy, especially when it glows with low voltage landscape lighting into the evening.

A professionally designed, installed, and maintained landscape is one of the best investments you can make to the exterior of your home or business. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your home, enhance your property’s value, lessen your maintenance tasks and keep it looking great all day and night.

We design, install, service and repair landscapes throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Since the beginning, our philosophy at Old Field Landscapes has been to provide landscape designs, products, and services that “exceed expectations.” Let us exceed YOUR expectations today!
Let us exceed YOUR expectations today!

Landscape Design & Build

We founded the landscape design-build division with the same values that are prevalent throughout our company: Character, Integrity, and Servitude.

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Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance is the substance of Old Field Landscapes, built by providing superior craftsmanship along with respected customer service.

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Tree Service & Care

Just like anything else, trees need to be tended and maintained in order to be kept healthy and provide the homeowner their fullest potential.

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Lawn & Shrub Care

Old Field Landscapes offers many services to keep your lawn and shrubs in topnotch condition. Using only the highest quality products suited for this area and the newest techniques.

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Sustainable Landscaping: What does it mean?

The word sustainability gets thrown around a lot today, but it is often hard to understand in terms of its practical applications to everyday life. When we talk about sustainable landscaping, what is essentially meant, is a long term approach to planning you outdoor spaces. In many ca
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Mulching: How Much is too Much?

Mulching is one of those things that nearly everybody just does, as a matter of routine. Often, we don’t take time to stop and consider what the benefits and risks can be. People will talk about “Mulch Volcano’s” from time to time, but do you know what your mulch actually does,
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Renovating your landscape: Dormant Pruning

What do you do when something inside your house no longer works the way it is intended? If the plumbing doesn’t work in your bathroom, or maybe even your kitchen is outdated, you renovate those spaces. Usually, you don’t just move out and sell the house. It is costly and generally, no
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Keeping your lawn and landscaping looking great every time you pull in the drive takes a lot of time and effort. Sure, you could do it yourself. But with your busy and active lifestyle, why spend so much time on your lawn? Old Field Landscapes can service your every need from property
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Old Field Landscapes: Investing In Your Future!

“By spending 5% of the value of your home on the installation of a quality low maintenance landscape, you could boost the resale value by 15%, earning back 150% or more of your landscape investment.” Source: Taylor, C. 2003. “Fertile Ground”. Smart Money, March 2003.http://www.smartmo
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Why Old Field Landscapes?

OLD FIELD LANDSCAPES believes the most important product we can offer our clients is exceptional service. To increase the “usability” of your yard. By adding a deck, patio, walkway or garden, you are increasing the useable space and “personal value” of your hom
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Old Field Landscapes Brings Your Landscaping Dreams to Reality

The best place to begin is by defining your needs. Get an idea of what you might want. Look through magazines and websites and collect pictures of what you like. Explain your desires to your landscape designer, but remember to keep an open mind. A professional may have suggestions tha
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Old Field & Your Hardscaping Needs

Everyone wants to entertain in the great outdoors! Whether you prefer a private retreat or a multi-use gathering space for family and friends, we will listen to your ideas and work with you to create a hardscape project that will increase the value of your property. Hardscaping define
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Benefits of Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls must be used in just one finite emplacement within a yard and may serve as an emphasis wall or center of attention, or if needed, a complete system of tiered walls could possibly be designed to turn a sloped exterior space into eye catching landscape design th
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